Awakening the Healer Within     

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The Powerful AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy Healing System  


 ♥     2014  CLASSES  &  EVENTS     ♥ 




August 9:  AUMAKHUA-KI ®   LEVEL – 1  Attunement Workshop

Masaji sending AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Energy

Masaji sending AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Energy

AKL-1 Workshop with Cheryl Taylor, LMT  in Orlando, FL             Click HERE for Details.

Call 407-625-9719 to register for this class.  Only a few seats are still available.


August 16:  AUMAKHUA-KI ®   LEVEL – 1  Attunement Workshop

AKL-1 Workshop with Ola Sobanski  in Ocala, FL.   (Private group.)

Call:  914-844-8811   to be placed on Ola’s Class Waiting List.


AUMAKHUA-KI™ Level-2 Instructors.Morgana, Ola; seated: Fabiola, Leslie, Tamara and Cheryl.

Here is a list of certified AUMAKHUA-KI ® MASTERS who are also qualified to teach AKL-1 AND AKL-2 classes. We are currently planning the Autumn Class Schedule. Call an instructor near you and let them know you are interested in attending their classes. The following teachers offer AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-1 & LEVEL-2 workshops at locations listed below:


Cheryl Taylor, LMT:  Orlando, FL – 407-625-9719
Fabiola Kindt, LMT:  Clermont, Orlando, FL – 407-319-4442 (English & Espanola)
Morgana Moonraven:  Gainesville, Ocala, Orlando & Tampa, FL – 352-603-0033
Leslie Heinricher, LMT:  Orlando, FL – 321-652-3693
Ola Sobanski:  Gainesville, Ocala, South Florida areas – 914-844-8811


Tamara Gold, LMT:  Chicago, IL and suburbs – 773-771-1875  (Illinois)


Ojela Frank, LMT:  advanced AUMAKHUA-KI ® classes & webinars – 352-239-9272



AUGUST – OCTOBER  with Rev. Ojela Frank, LMT

Local SESSIONS & private CLASSES are available by appointment.   (in OCALA, FL)

Private Classes are pre-paid and scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance of date(s). CALL for details: 352-239-9272.

(Distant sessions are also offered most weekdays.  See Services page. Private classes [all levels] local & webinars by appointment.  SEE BELOW FOR LIVE WEB CLASS DATES.)

There are no CEs for AUMAKHUA-KI ® classes. All of our events require REGISTRATION by Phone or Online. Read about the AUMAKHUA-KI ® Course Descriptions below for more details. We offer a Payment Plan or a Work/Study Program for local students in Florida who need assistance with tuition. Write for more details:

You can SUBSCRIBE to our free e-newsletter at the bottom of the page.


Online Energy Healing Courses & Certifications  

Sending Aumakhua-Ki™ Symbols

Rev. Jayvanti sending AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Symbols

WEB VIDEO Conferencing Version


Online Registration is required at least 5 days before event.

LIVE & Interactive Energy Healing Classes

with Rev. Ojela Frank, LMT 

Creator of the AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy Healing System   




AUMAKHUA-KI ® Level-1 Attunement: WEB VIDEO Conference     $75

Click button to read more details on the class ticket page.     Eventbrite - AUMAKHUA-KI ® Level-1 Attunement WEBINAR

Awakening the Healer Within

Choose one class date:

Thursday, May 8                  from 8 PM – 9:30 PM – Night Class

Tuesday, July 15                  from 8 PM – 9:30 PM – Night Class

Tuesday, July 28                  from 8 PM – 9:30 PM – Night Class

Tuesday, September 9          from 8 PM – 9:30 PM – Night Class

Tuesday, October 28            from 8 PM – 9:30 PM – Night Class

Tuesday, November 25         from 8 PM – 9:30 PM – Night Class

Thursday, December 11        from 8 PM – 9:30 PM – Night Class


AUMAKHUA-KI ® Level-2 Attunement:  WEB VIDEO Series         $100

Click button to read more details on the class ticket page.    Eventbrite - AUMAKHUA-KI (TM) Level-2 Attunement Webinar

Choose a class date:

AUMAKHUA-KI ® Level-2VIDEO Conference #1

Tuesday, July 29                      from   8 PM – 9:30 PM

Tuesday, November 18         from   8 PM – 9:30 PM

AUMAKHUA-KI ® Level-2: VIDEO Conference #2

Tuesday, August 5                     from   8 PM – 9:30 PM

Thursday, November 20        from   8 PM – 9:30 PM

AUMAKHUA-KI ® Level-2: VIDEO Conference #3

Tuesday, August 26                   from 8 PM – 9 PM

Tuesday, December 9              from 8 PM – 9 PM


AUMAKHUA-KI® Level-3 Attunement: WEB VIDEO Series       $100

Click button to read more details on the class ticket page.   Eventbrite - AUMAKHUA-KI (TM) Level-3 Attunement Webinar

Choose a class date:

AUMAKHUA-KI ® Level-3: VIDEO Conference #1

Tuesday, July 22                        from   8 PM – 10 PM

Thursday, September 18        from   8 PM – 10 PM

AUMAKHUA-KI ®  Level-3: VIDEO Conference #2

Tuesday, August 5                    from 8 PM – 9:30 PM

Thursday, October 2               from 8 PM – 9:30 PM



AUMAKHUA-KI ® Level-4 Attunement: WEB Video Class       $75

Tuesday, August 26               from 8 – 10 PM

(This VIDEO Conference is Part 1 of Level-4. Part 2 of Level-4 is a 1-day workshop with Ojela Frank. See AUMAKHUA-KI ® Course Descriptions [below] for more details.)

(Choose from any of the above dates or schedule a Live VIDEO Conference at a different date/time. Payment is due when making your appointment.  Call during office hours: 352.239.9272)


MONTHLY:  Energy Healing Home-Study Courses

AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy Healing Training: Video Conferencing Version From the Comfort of Your Home

AUMAKHUA-KI ® Levels  1, 2, 3 & 4 Attunement Webinars:  Each course includes an activating AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy Attunement. (Online registration ends 5 days prior to assigned class date.)


AK L-1 Attunement = Energy Awakening, Self-Treatments and Distant Healing.

AK L-2 Attunement = Chakra Balancing, Distant Healing, Raise your Energy & Feel the FIRE in your hands!

AK L-3 Attunement = Advanced Chakra Healing, AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Method of Remote Healing and Raise your Frequency!

AKL-4 Attunement = Elevate your Frequency to a higher level and Advanced Remote Healing.

Phone Registration with a credit card:  352-239-9272 



AUMAKHUA-KI ® accelerates a heightened state of awareness and increases a person’s capacity to channel more healing energy. Most workshops and webinars include a powerful AUMAKHUA-KI ® Attunement, complete instruction in AK Symbol application(s), experiential, energetic exercises, session work, a student class manual or handouts and a Workshop Certificate of Completion.

The AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy Healing System has:

AUMAKHUA-KI ® Practitioner certification for 3 levels.


Teacher certifications for: AUMAKHUA-KI ® INSTRUCTORS and, for the most advanced classes, AUMAKHUA-KI ® MASTER INSTRUCTORS.


The Powerful AUMAKHUA-KI ®  Energy Healing System




3-Hour Workshop

Experience the powerful AUMAKHUA-KI ® AK Breath Release!  The breath-healing session includes an Energy Transmission from an AUMAKHUA-KI ® MASTER.  We will explore the Chakras, Chromotherapy, Breathing & Energy practices. Discover how to improve many aspects of your life!  (There is no prerequisite for this class.)  

Fabiola doing  energy healing at breath session.

Fabiola doing energy healing at breath session.

AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-1 Attunement           

1-Day Workshop       or  WEB Class***

AWAKENING THE HEALER WITHIN – Awaken your healing channel to FEEL energy in your hands.  Learn about Chakras & Chromotherapy, How to do an Energy Self-Balancing using AUMAKHUA-KI ®. Gain experience using the 1st Degree Symbol. Each student will receive an AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-1 Attunement to Awaken the Healer Within.  (There is no prerequisite for this class.)

purple hand aura

AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Symbol on hand

AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-2 Attunement                   

1 -Day Workshop       or  WEB Classes***

2nd Degree AK Power: Learn how to do Energy Assessments (measure auric fields & do Chakra Readings), Energy Balancing and Chakra Healing. Participants will learn how to do 2nd Degree AUMAKHUA-KI  ® chair, table and distant sessions. Gain experience using the 2nd Degree & Chakra-Power Symbols. Each student will receive an AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-2 Attunement. FEEL more heat in your hands doing 2nd Degree AUMAKHUA-KI ®sessions compared to other energy methods.

(Prerequisite:  AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-1)
Ingrid at AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Level-2 Class.

Ingrid at AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Level-2 Class.

Click to hear Ingrid share about her energy experience during the AUMAKHUA-KI ® Level-2 Class.

AK Level-2 Class Comments from Ingrid


AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL – 3 Attunement             

1-Day Workshop       or  WEB Classes***

3rd Degree AK Power: Participants will become skilled at doing 3rd Degree AUMAKHUA-KI ® chair, table and distant sessions.  Learn how to do a powerful “Emotional Clearing” technique for personal growth.  Explore the AUMAKHUA-KI ® Method of Remote Healing (Long-Distance). Gain experience using the 3rd Degree & Absentee Healing Symbols. Each student will receive an AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-3 Attunement. Channel more healing energy in your hands. Learn more about Chakra Healing.

(Prerequisite:  AUMAKHUA-KI ®  LEVEL-2.)
healing aura

AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Remote Healing

AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL – 4 Attunement  

AKL-4a          ½ -Day Workshop      or WEB Class***

4th Degree Power: Course includes a LEVEL-3 Review. Participants will become skilled at doing 4th Degree AUMAKHUA-KI ® chair, table, distant and Remote Healing sessions. Gain experience using the 4th Degree Symbol. Each student will receive an AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-4 Attunement. Raise your frequency higher and channel more healing energy in your hands. (Must also attend AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-4 Certification workshop (AKL-4b) to receive a Certificate of Completion.)

 (Prerequisite:  AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-3.) 
Masaji sending AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Energy.

Masaji sending AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Energy.

AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL – 4  Certification

AKL-4 b               1-Day Workshop

Course includes Advanced Chakra HealingAura Healing I and Cellular Memory Healing. Explore Dan Tien Healing Energy Practices. Workshop also includes an AUMAKHUA-KI ® SoulQi ™ Empowerment Session. Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion for AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-4 courses. Discover (Live “in-person” attendance required. There are no web classes for this course.)

Note: AUMAKHUA-KI ® PRACTITIONER Certification is available for LEVELS-2, 3, 4  and AUMAKHUA-KI ® MASTER.  Graduates are required to submit session documentation & complete a Practitioner Application. Call or send us an email requesting an application at: Practitioner certifications are only issued from the AUMAKUHA-KI ® International office. There are no CE Hours offered for any of these courses. Most AUMAKHUA-KI ®classes include a Workshop Certificate of Completion. A Payment Plan or a Work-Study Program is available for local students to assist with tuition.


*** Live Online International Distance Learning Classes.    
L-3 AUMAKHUA-KI™  chair session

L-3 AUMAKHUA-KI ™ chair session


1-Day Live Workshop      or WEB Class***

5th Degree Power: This certification course includes Aura Healing II, an AUMAKHUA-KI ® MASTER Attunement, and complete instruction in doing AUMAKHUA-KI ® chair, table and distant sessions. Explore the AK Master Key Technique for healing & energy practices. Learn how to use the powerful AUMAKHUA-KI ® Master Symbol. Raise your frequency higher and channel more healing energy in your hands. Students are required to pass an exam. Graduates will receive a certificate upon successful completion of this course.

(Prerequisite:  AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL – 4 a & 4 b.)



1-Day Workshop

Learn how to give an AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-1 Attunement to your students, course curriculum and Instructor Manual for teaching AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-1 Attunement Classes  (at live, “in person” workshops). Instructors can also offer Introduction to AUMAKHUA-KI ® Healing Lectures. Graduates of the AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL I INSTRUCTOR’S course learn an Empowerment Method to Awaken the Healer Within for others. (Course is only available as a live workshop.)

(Prerequisite: Must be an AUMAKHUA-KI ® MASTER and a certified AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-2 Practitioner [or above].)
Please submit an AUMAKHUA-KI ® INSTRUCTOR application to the AUMAKUHA-KI ® International office. Call or email us to request an application at: . 



1-Day Live Workshop

Learn how to give an AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-2 Attunement to your students, course curriculum and Instructor Manuals for teaching AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-2 Attunement Classes  (at live, “in person” workshops). Graduates can also teach the AUMAKHUA-KI ® HEALING & BREATH Workshops.

(Prerequisite: Must be an AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL  I   INSTRUCTOR.)
AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Level-1 Graduates, Orlando

AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Level-1 Graduates, Orlando

AUMAKHUA-KI ® Level III  INSTRUCTOR             

Learn how to give an AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-3 Attunement to your students, course curriculum and Instructor Manual for teaching AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-3 Attunement Classes  (at live, “in person” workshops).  The AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy Activator course is also offered at this workshop. (Courses at this LEVEL are only available at live, local workshops.)

(Prerequisite:  Must be an AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL II INSTRUCTOR with teaching experience and a certified AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-3 Practitioner [or above].)
Please note:  There are no CE Hours offered for any of these courses.   Most AUMAKHUA-KI ® classes include a Certificate of Completion.  A Payment Plan or a Work-Study Program is available for local students to assist with tuition.



6th Degree AK Power:  Receive 6th Degree AUMAKHUA-KI ® Attunement.  Teach & certify AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL I INSTRUCTORS  (local classes).  Teach & certify AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL II INSTRUCTORS  (local classes)

Prerequisites: Must be an AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL III INSTRUCTOR and  a certified AUMAKHUA-KI ® MASTER PractitionerMust teach five AUMAKHUA-KI ® Level-1 Attunement and three Level-2 Attunement classes before attending this course.

© 2013 by Ojela Frank  


Click Here for Certified AUMAKHUA-KI ® Practitioners   



You can learn this powerful, high-frequency energy healing system by doing the Home Study Courses: AUMAKHUA-KI ® Attunement LEVELS-1, 2, 3 & 4a Online Classes.

Or, HOST the AUMAKHUA-KI ® workshops at your home or healing center. We are planning our Class calendars now.  Call or email our office to learn more details.

Phone:   352.239.9272   or  Email:   



Are you a Leader? We are looking for Energy Healers, Meditation & Yoga Instructors, Reiki Masters, Tai Chi & Qigong Instructors and licensed Massage Therapists, who want to learn and teach AUMAKHUA-KI ® Healing Classes in their area. Check out the AUMAKHUA-KI® MASTER  and INSTRUCTOR courses.  


 Sharings About AUMAUKHUA-KI ®  Healing: 

Massage and AUMAKHUA-KI™

AUMAKHUA-KI ™  and Massage


This is absolutely the most enlightening and energizing experience I have found in energy healing.”  

   Morgana Moonraven, AUMAKHUA-KI ® MASTER, certified AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-4 Practitioner,  certified AUMAKHUA-KI ®  II INSTRUCTOR, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer


“So powerful!  AUMAKHUA-KI ® Levels 1 & 2 were amazing, but AK Level-3 blew me away!  Thank you for sharing this beautiful healing modality with all of us.”

   Cheryl Taylor, LMT, AUMAKHUA-KI ® MASTER, certified AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-4 Practitioner,  certified AUMAKHUA-KI ®  II INSTRUCTOR, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer


I love the power of AUMAKHUA-KI ®. The energy is powerful and every single one of my distance sessions had amazing feedback.” 

“The AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy is powerful. I feel my hands vibrating as I send to you an AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Energy Symbol.  My hands feel like hot coals!”

“AK energy was so powerful this morning! My body started vibrating and I felt as if I were a human tuning fork. I was in the middle of studying and wondering why my body was resonating so deeply. Then, I picked up my phone to check emails and, of course, it was the AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy!!!  Thank you for your commitment to sending the AK Energy weekly to the graduates. I tap in and embrace its wisdom and appreciate all that it does for me.”

   Tamara Gold, LMT, AUMAKHUA-KI ® MASTER, certified AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-4 Practitioner,  certified AUMAKHUA-KI ®  II INSTRUCTOR, Educator 

   Host of Empowered Living Radio Show –


“As a Reiki Master I embrace the power of the Reiki symbols. However, I was “blown away” when I learned AUMAKHUA-KI ® Healing.”

“During a massage session, I was doing AUMAKHUA-KI ® on a client’s back.  She asked me, ’Are you using Hot Stones on my back?’ “

“I could feel my heart chakra lifting up from my body.  At one point during the session, it felt like I was levitating off the table!”  (bodywork with AUMAKHUA-KI ® Level-4.)

   Fabiola Kindt, LMT, AUMAKHUA-KI ® MASTER, certified AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-4 Practitioner,  certified AUMAKHUA-KI ®  II INSTRUCTOR, Reiki Master, Yoga Trainer


 “Powerful, energetic healing system.  Great for self-healing and others.  Higher frequency than other healing systems.”

   Laura Painter, LMT, Reiki Master, Kundalini Yoga Teacher


“I’ve been an energy practitioner since 1980. The energy I feel while doing an AUMAKHUA-KI ® Healing session on me or others is very powerful. My hands get hotter doing this new energy work.  I can feel a wave of hot, healing energy going deep into my body.  AUMAKHUA-KI ® is comforting and very relaxing.  I am also aware of a shift inside my head like all the neurological pathways are lit up inside my brain.  I worked with some of the energy symbols for 4 years.  When they are added to the other  AUMAKHUA-KI ® Symbols, the energy is powerful !”

“The client was an advanced Energy Practitioner.  My intuition guided me to do an AUMAKHUA-KI ® chair session without touching her. After I did a 3rd Degree Link-Up & activated the AUMAKHUA-KI ® Symbols in my palm chakras, I held my hands 4” from her spine while transmitting an energy flow for about 7 minutes.  At the end of the chair session, I gave the client a few minutes to assimilate the healing energies.  Her friend and I watched in silence as she went through powerful cycles of emotional release.  I never witnessed anything like that in 33 years of doing energy healing!”

   Ojela Frank, MSC, LMT, Creator of the AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy Healing System



Ingrid talks about her AUMAKHUA-KI ® Healing session.

Ingrid Smith


Click below to listen to Leah’s  comments about a Chakra Balancing with AUMAKHUA-KI ®.

Aumakhua-Ki™ session for Leah

Click below to listen to Fabiola’s comments about a Bodywork session with AUMAKHUA-KI ®.

Green healing energy


Click HERE to visit our blog page about the Orlando AUMAKHUA-KI ® Classes.  Hear from the students about their AUMAKHUA-KI ® LEVEL-1 Attunement experiences.

352.239.9272           Email:

             Click Here for Payment by Check – Mail-In Registration Form. 
We will also offer AUMAKHUA-KI ® Healing classes next year in SPANISH.

major credit cards accpeted.

               We accept major credit cards for payment of classes & sessions.   

           Experience an AUMAKHUA-KI ® Healing session! 

Massage and AUMAKHUA-KI™ Session.

Therapeutic Bodywork and AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Session.

AUMAKHUA-K ® Healing Session – 60 minutes: $50.00
An hour energy session that includes chakra balancing.

AUMAKHUA-KI ® Healing Session – 90 minute EXTENDED Session: $75.00
A Complete pre-session Energy Assessment, a full AUMAKHUA-KI ® Healing session that includes Chakra Healing and a post-session Energy Assessment.  This session is recommended for people who have not experienced an extensive energy healing session.

Sessions are available by appointment with intuitive healer Ojela Frank, LMT (MA60322).

Phone:  352.239.9272

Rev. Jayvanti and Ojela comment about their experiences with AUMAKHUA-KI ® Healing.

AKL2 Comments from Jayvanti


Sending L-2 Aumakhua-Ki™ Symbols

Sending L-2 Aumakhua-Ki ™ Symbols

Rev. Jayvanti and Ojela share their experiences with the AUMAKHUA-KI ® Energy symbols.

Ojela and Jayvanti share AK


(The energy-share session recording was shortened since the long pauses were omitted.)


To Listen & Read More Testimonials, click HERE.  

© 2013 by Ojela Frank

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